Are you our new head chef at Corsa Østerbro?

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  • Are you our new head chef at Corsa Østerbro?

    Corsa Østerbro is one of our four Corsa pizza restaurants. We serve the best Napolitan pizzas and delicious antipasti all made from beautiful products. Our guests enjoy our pizzas in house and as take away.

    You as our new head chef

    As a head chef at Corsa, we expect that you have a minimum of 2 years experience with baking Napolitan pizzas. Alongside your skills in the kitchen, you have experience as a head chef. You will work alongside with you sous chef in your day-today-day work, and refer to the operational manager for the Corsa kitchens.

    We expect you to have a good understanding of how kitchen percentages and wage percentages are important in our everyday life when planning and purchasing. You will make the schedule, hire new staff, make orders and run the service. Expected office work behind the computer will be aroung 2-3 hours a week – the rest is in the kitchen. You will work in the kitchen to secure a high standard of the food you deliver to our guests and making sure the team works well together.

    You will lead a talented and dedicated team, and therefor one of your important tasks is to contribute to their job satisfaction and commitment so that our guests can have the best dining experiences. Good communication skills is key!

    You speak English, mayby Danish and, if we are lucky, also Italian.

    We offer you

    An exciting workplace where you can develop yourself, build a career and form lifelong relationships. You will be part of a large company where all our 18 restaurants meet several times a year – both professionally and socially.

    With us, you’ll have control over operations in the kitchen and a stable structure, so you can focus on what’s important to you. You get employee benefits, discounts, a competitive salary and a pension plan with health insurance from PFA.

    If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Corsa’s Operational Manager Marco at

    Apply as soon as you can, we wish to cover this position at the end of June/middle of July. Let us know what fits you the best!

    We look forward to hear from you!




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    About Cofoco

    Since 2004, Copenhagen Food Collective has shaped the restaurant scene in Copenhagen by offering high-quality food experiences at affordable prices in a way that our guests can understand and relate to. Due to the positive response and loyalty over the years, Copenhagen Food Collective has grown from having one restaurant in 2004 to today consisting of 16 restaurants and two hotels in Copenhagen. The restaurants offer a wide range of food experiences from all over the world, some are award-winning and all are spectacular in their own way.



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