Head chef at Hanzō, Greater Copenhagen

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  • Head chef at Hanzō, Greater Copenhagen

    Are you passionate about developing your career in the restaurant industry? We are looking for a head chef for Madklubben’s Asian gastronomic hybrid who is not constrained by borders, rules, or traditions.

    We cheerfully mix street cuisine and gourmet with inspiration from Japan through China and Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, and further afield.

    We are aware that good operation is made possible by a good team – on the floor, in the kitchen, and outside of the kitchen. Excellent service is a team effort, and we have clear ideas about our level of service, which we will thoroughly train you in.

    As head chef at Madklubben, we expect you to manage the restaurant as if it was your own. You will be a part of a workday in constant change, where you independently aim to ensure earnings and help refine and develop gastronomy and business processes and employees to reach our goals. Therefore, you must have an eye for immediate results.

    The job:

    Your daily work takes place in the kitchen, where you spend most of your time with your team, set the standards, and spend time with our guests.

    You are responsible for day-to-day management, and your greatest asset is your employees. It is your responsibility and most important task to build a team of sous chefs and kitchen assistants – and keep them top-motivated because you know that without your employees, nothing works.

    You are also responsible for ensuring that your employees always hit the mark – including sticking to your budgeted salary percentage.

    Who are you:

    • You are a trained chef and have experience in Asian cuisine

    • You as a person are curious, have people skills, and contribute to the best working environment

    • You are interested in doing good old-fashioned business and have an eye for cost

    • You always show outstanding commitment and flexibility in your job

    • You are used to being busy and prioritizing tasks – and you are ready for changes

    • You have a flair for managing a team that delivers every day

    • You have a sense for organizing and details

    • You enjoy being present with the guests, and therefore you work evenings and weekends

    • You are a person driven by achieving results and are used to being measured on your performance

    • You must be able to speak English

    • Most important of all, you want to learn every day

    We offer:

    • A thorough introduction to Hanzō and Madklubben in general

    • Flexibility and structure

    • An individual career path based on your skills

    • Education as well courses on everything from finance to personal management

    • A harmonious work environment where we look out for each other

    • Good staff benefits and discounts at our other +38 restaurants

    • A salary package that corresponds with your qualifications as well as pension and health insurance

    Thank you for your time. We do interviews on an ongoing basis, so do not hesitate to send us your application via mail to

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    If you have questions about the position, do not hesitate to contact operations manager Kiki at




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