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    Hello! – Or should we perhaps say bonjour ..?

    Here we are! You finally found us. We’ve been really looking forward to meeting you!

    We can’t wait to tell you who we are and what we can do. But first, a little about you…

    You’re a passionate cook, maybe even with experience from a similar position. You feel home in the cold section doing tasty and well-presented starters and have a sweet eye on the desserts. You have no problem communicating with the chef and the rest of the team, while following orders doing prep, marinating the salad, shucking an oyster – all this while practicing the perfect quenelle.

    Talent is no match for hard work. And if you don’t have a lot of experience, don’t worry. We’ll do what it takes to train you. Most important is eagerness to lean, positive attitude, a good balance between tempo and quality and a good and open taste palate, that we can work on, to calibrate it to our classic French tastes.

    Maybe you – like we – have a passion for the wonderful classic French cuisine.

    Is your body and mind filled with eagerness to work in a real French style kitchen, doing excellent service, with amazing ingredients, leaning from the chef with a resounding “yes chef” coming straight from the heart?

    We offer good conditions and orderly working conditions. Good and clear communication that goes hand in hand with a pleasant and friendly working environment with respect for differences. We are flexible in terms of vacations and pay for all hours worked. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and responsibilities. We offer a good opportunity for personal and professional development and learning with the possibility of advancement and transfers between restaurants.

    In addition to the fantastic French LALALA at Strandgade 98, we also operate VIVA – the ship at Langebro. In the same ownership group, we also run the well-established 20a on Ravnsborggade, the charming Sankt Annæ 8 on Christianshavn, the contemporary Japanese-style izakaya, Gaijin, and not least a fabulous canteen and staff restaurant for several businesses in the neighborhood at Wilders Plads and Kalvebod Brygge.

    Send us your CV and/or resumé and a bit of text about why YOU are the perfect cold section cook and team member for us:

    Then we’ll meet for a coffee ☕ and a chat about gastronomy, love, economics, ambitions, and the future…

    Sincere regards,

    Chef Peter and the rest of the team at LALALA!


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    Jespers Torvekøkken

    "Flyvende" kollega til Kantinerne

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