Restaurant Aamanns 1921 is looking for full-time and part-time waiters

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  • Restaurant Aamanns 1921 is looking for full-time and part-time waiters

    Aamanns 1921, located on Niels Hemmingsens Gade in the Inner city of Copenhagen, opened in August 2017. We are a Michelin-recommended restaurant where the taste is paramount, and the service is professional and welcoming.

    For lunch, we serve smørrebrød originated from tradition, but in a modern interpretation, cooked with new ideas and intense flavor compositions focusing on good taste and sustainable ingredients. In the evening, we serve 10-course menus, a la carte, inspired by classic dishes, with the same interpretation and focus as our smørrebrød. We have room for 70 guests in the restaurant and 40 guests in our private dining. We are continuously working on development and renewal and are looking for fulltime and parttime waiters to join our great team.

    About you

    • You obviously know how to give our guests unforgetteable experiences with your high level of service at all times.

    • You work independently and take responsibility, but you are also a teamplayer who are first in line to help your colleagues, whenever needed.

    • You like to be clear in your communication and do yours to make the workday great for everyone.

    We offer

    At Aamanns 1921 you become part of a highly dedicated team. The commitment is high and so is the level of service. You will also become part of a young, international, and dynamic team that communicates in a respectful and informal tone and a workplace, where we have fun and take care of eachother. And if you want to develop your skills, we are always open to sit down with you and make a plan for, how we can help.

    Additional information

    We are looking for both fulltime and partime waiters. We are open for lunch and evening seven days a week.

    Salary by qualifications.

    If you can see yourself in the above, we encourage you to apply for the position. Send your CV to and title your email ‘Waiter Aamanns 1921’.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on

    More about Aamanns

    Aamanns was founded by chef Adam Aamann, who in 2006 opened our first smørrebrøds restaurant and Take Away in Østerbro in Copenhagen. Back then and today, the starting point is quality smørrebrød based on the classic Danish lunch kitchen but in a new interpretation. Today, Aamanns has several different places, all working with the same gastronomic set of values and transforming the high quality that we’re known for from our smørrebrød into other dishes.

    The effort to revitalize and reinvent the smørrebrød has thrown much recognition our way. Both from the many happy regular guests, but also from reviewers, Danish as well as international. For example, the restaurants Aamanns Etablissement and Aamanns 1921 have been recommended in guide Michelin for many years. In 2019, we won the “smørrebrød of the year” award from Danish Food Critics.

    Today Aamanns consists of the following outlets:


    Aamanns Deli &Takeaway (since 2006)

    Aamanns Etablissement, lunch restaurant (since 2009)

    Aamanns CPH, a restaurant at Copenhagen Airport (since 2015)

    Aamanns Frokostordning (since 2015)

    Aamanns Køkken &Event, venue and canteen on Refshaleøen (since 2015)

    Aamanns 1921, restaurant (since 2017)

    Aamanns Replik at Skuespilhuset (2021)

    Aamanns Genbo in Carlsberg Byen (Summer 2022)

    Aamanns Botanical Senses (soap series and lotion)

    Aamanns Kryddersnaps (snaps series in collaboration with Braunstein)

    Aamanns cookbooks

    Ecology, Animal Welfare, and Sustainability

    Sustainability, animal welfare, and ecology have always been strong values for us, and all our businesses are based on these basic elements. In 2019, three of our departments received the Organic Food Label in silver, which means 60-90% ecology in the kitchens, and we’re constantly working with sustainability in several areas, including food waste, waste sorting, packaging, etc. Aamanns currently participates in “Bæredygtig Bundlinje” in collaboration with the City of Copenhagen, DI, and Gate21.

    We prepare everything on the menu of ingredients provided by our skilled suppliers and smaller local organic farms. We have worked with our suppliers for many years and appreciate the dialogue, where in addition to the orders, we’re also involved in the planning of the production of next season’s ingredients.

    More about Aamanns  You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram og LinkedIn.

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